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Dog Strangling Vine

The name "dog-strangling vine" refers to two invasive plants native to Eurasia– black swallowwort and pale swallowwort. These look-alike members of the milkweed family were introduced to the northeastern United States in the mid-1800s for use in gardens. In recent years these perennial vines have spread rapidly throughout central and southern Ontario.

What is it? Dog-strangling Vine (DSV) is an invasive plant.
Where did it come from? Eastern Europe. It was brought here as a garden plant.
Where is it found? Throughout Southern Ontario. It likes open sunny areas, but will grow in shady spots too.
What does it do? DSV forms dense stands that out-compete native plants and young trees, preventing forest regeneration. Colonies of interwoven vines make it very difficult to walk through a forest.
What can you do? Clean your shoes, bike and dog after hiking or biking!