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Round Goby

The round goby is a small, bottom-dwelling invasive fish. Native to the Black and Caspian seas in eastern Europe, it was first found in North America in 1990 in the St. Clair River north of Windsor, Ontario. Researchers believe the fish was brought to North America in the ballast water of ships from Europe.

What is it? Round Goby is an invasive fish.
Where did it come from? It was accidentally brought in the ballast water of ships from the Black Sea in Eastern Europe.
Where is it found? The Round Goby is found in all five Great Lakes and some inland lakes such a Rice Lake and Lake Simcoe.
What does it do? Round Goby outcompete native fish for food and habitat. They eat the eggs and young fish of native sportfish like Perch.
What can you do? Don’t use Round Goby as bait and never dump your bait bucket!