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Rusty Crayfish

Rusty crayfish are large, aggressive crayfish native to the Ohio River Basin in the United States. The species was likely introduced to Ontario by anglers from other areas discarding crayfish they were using as bait. Rusty crayfish may also have been put in lakes or rivers by people who acquired them as pets or through the scientific supply trade.

What is it? Rusty Crayfish are invasive crayfish.
Where did it come from? The Ohio River in the United States. They were brought here in bait buckets for fishing.
Where is it found? In lakes and rivers, in Southern Ontario and also Northwestern Ontario around Kenora.
What does it do? This large aggressive crayfish outcompetes native crayfish for food and habitat. They also eat aquatic plants that small fish need to hide in.
What can you do? Never dump your bait bucket!