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Sea Lamprey

The sea lamprey is a primitive, eel-like fish native to the northern Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic, western Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. Sea lampreys invaded the Great Lakes in the early 20th century through shipping canals. In their native range, lampreys live part of their lives in salt water, but they have adapted to living entirely in fresh water in the Great Lakes.

What is it? Sea Lamprey is an invasive eel-like fish.
Where did it come from? It swam from the Atlantic Ocean through the St. Lawrence Seaway into the 5 Great Lakes.
Where is it found? All 5 Great Lakes, and a few rivers that flow into the Great Lakes.
What does it do? Sea lampreys are a parasite that feed on the blood of fish. The fish that a lamprey feeds on often dies. Feeding from sea lampreys has reduced Lake Trout populations in the Great Lakes.
What can you do? Don’t dump live fish into Ontario lakes and rivers!