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Spiny Water Flea

Spiny waterfleas are small aquatic predators native to Eurasia. The first report of spiny waterfleas in North America was in 1982, in Lake Ontario. They were introduced to the Great Lakes in ballast water from ocean-going ships. Spiny waterfleas are species of zooplankton – small animals that rely on water currents and wind to move long distances.

What is it? Spiny Waterflea is an invasive zooplankton.
Where did it come from? Eastern Europe and Asia.
Where is it found? All 5 Great Lakes, and over 100 inland lakes in Ontario.
What does it do? Spiny waterflea reduce food for small fish and the young of sport fish such as bass, walleye and yellow perch by outcompeting native zooplankton.
What can you do? Inspect, clean, and drain your boat!