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Look Before You Leave

The Ontario Invasive Plant Council wants you to Look Before You Leave. When you load up for the cottage or a camping trip, you could unknowingly be carrying stowaways (invasive species). An invasive species is a plant or animal that has been introduced to an area outside of its normal geographic range, and threatens the health of our natural areas by outcompeting native species for food and habitat.

Bikes: Mud can carry seeds of invasive species, such as Garlic Mustard and Dog-strangling Vine. Clean bikes thoroughly before moving them to new locations
ATV’s: Mud on ATV’s and trail equipment can harbor invasive plant seeds. Clean ATV’s thoroughly before transport
Boots: Muddy boots can carry seeds and insects. Clean your boots before going to a new location.
Pets: Invasive seeds can be carried in fur and mud on pets. Remove seeds and mud from your pets.
Remember to report invasive species!